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This is an RP blog for Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-Man. M!A: none, accepting; Tracking: thetranquilone; Mun's FC: Gokudera Hayato from KHR!
Today is the day when a full year has rolled by since D.Gray-Man has gone on hiatus. Come and dedicate a moment of silence for this.



People of DGM fandom!

This post is 9 months old, please stop reblogging and liking it!!

It is outdated!!

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my name / its meaning [x]: lee - “sheltered from the storm” [english]; lenalee - n/a

western zodiac [x]: taurus ( may 11th )

chinese zodiac [x]: n/a ( y.o.b. - unknown )

celtic zodiac [x]: hawthorn ( the illusionist )

myers-briggs type indicator [x]: ENFJ

the four temperaments [x]: sanguine

enneagram [x]: type two ( the helper )

soul type [x]: group 6 ( priest )

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[ Well said. We women are granite! And hopefully she recovers soon; I can’t imagine how much pain she had\has to endure due to the illness. ]

//* Well, I hope that something so good happens to her, that she will forget all about the pain!!

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[Your post actually got me to reread some important Cross and Allen parts of the manga. Imissitsomuch.  -le sigh- But hey, there are even longer hiatuses out there and as long as we hope..Maybe one day Hoshino continues the manga and BAM we get a continuation of the anime too. *deluded big time* ]

//* well, a note from Shueisha dd say that it will restart when Hoshino feels better, so there is really no point in loosing hope that she will continue it. She is still pretty young; a woman’s body is sturdy - she’ll make it!

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-we are pining , sorreh..-

//* No, I’m just seeing the tags and everyone is going ‘only one year?’ and ‘feels longer’ and I’m kinda


it has been longer

that post was made 3/4th of a year ago

who brought it back?

//* I am ready for tomorrows English presentation.

//* Guys, who the frickle frackle started reblogging that one-year hiatus post? I made it on December 30th, and that was 9 months ago.


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//* what are you guys watching?

We had started watching the first Harry Potter movie last night but it was pretty late so we didn’t finish ;w; We’ll watch the rest tonight

//* uwaaahh~~ sounds cool! I wish I could join!

The 8th icon/gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to being asked if they’re a virgin

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The woman exorcist. Lulu Bell hadn’t seen her up and about too much as their missions rarely ever led to the two of them crossing their paths. What a shame. It seemed like the wielder of that boot Innocence might be a worthy entertainment.


  The lovely lunch break, that Lenalee was spending at a local tavern, in the target city of her mission, was very much enjoyable and a pleasant break from the usual running and encounters with akuma. Yet something still didn’t let her be at ease. The prickling sensation on the back of the woman’s neck caused a chain of goosebumps to travel south along her body.

  Something just wasn’t feeling right.