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Since my last giveaway was a success I decided to do another one :D  this one ends in just one week :V


You can win one messenger bag from the ones available in BlueRobotto’s shop (Check out the shop for more pics and the description of each bag)

2 persons will be selected to win a messenger bag of their choice (1 each winner).            

How to participate:

  • You don’t have to follow BlueRobotto.
  • Reblog this post to participate, only 1 reblog to prevent spam.
  • Likes count too.
  • If you win I should be able to contact you through your tumblr (very important).

Things to consider:

  • Shipping to anywhere in the world, BlueRobotto will cover the shipping expenses.
  • Any question feel free to send a messege :)

The givaway will end on Saturday October 25th, at 10:00 PM Central America time.

Good luck to everyone who participates :D

You can also contact BlueRobotto on twitter @bluerobotto if you want to ask anything.

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❝ Finally I’ve found an anime where the characters really die and don’t just get knocked out ❞

—my friend who is currently watching DGM. I wonder for how long he will be happy about that one (via spooky-inkstain)


my personal favourite

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❝ What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed ❞

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Allen Walker/Timcanpy

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//* hello everyone! Sorry for the inactivity but this week was a killer. I hope you understand and I’ll start up my activity next week!


can someone please tell me how exACTLY THIS CHICK’S HAIR IS

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why cant your nose be 12 inches long?

because then it’ll be a foot


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how do they even survive in the wild?

That’s your “be bigger than your predator pose”. It doesn’t work but it’s cute <3 

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