...We will. We will definitely win. I swear.
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Come back by AdrianaT3T

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  • *song starts playing*
  • me: creates a whole oscar worthy montage in my head with flashbacks dramatic shots fade outs and everything of my otp


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     It’s incredible. I never would have thought that I would have spent a year on tumblr, roleplaying with such amazing people and characters, making new friends and memories and gaining as many followers as I did - on here and Aki’s first blog! When I moved to this blog, I had 191 followers and on here, I have 58. That’s crazy! So, I just want to thank you all for sticking with me and being there, through the ups and the downs, the good and the bad. It’s so nice to see you guys loving Aki as much (sometimes more) as I do! Thank you again! I honestly can’t say that enough.


mugenswielderYou were the very first person I messaged on tumblr when I created my first blog. I love that you run with my crazy ideas and I adore Kanda and Aki so much! (My first ship, tbh.) I love having you as a friend/rp partner/amazing person! <333 Here’s to so many many more roleplays with our muses!!

caedxsGURL IF I COULD WRITE A BOOK ON HOW FANTASTIC YOU ARE, IT WOULD BE A 12 PART SERIES. I honestly, without a doubt, love seeing you and Lucy on my dash. I love every bit of interaction and conversation we have! If you don’t understand why you’re here, you obviously haven’t read anything I’ve said about you as a person~ You are such a great friend and I am always here for you, just like you are for me. Bros before hoes - right Lasi~? <333333

yesrichesandbitchesPrepare for a long ass rant on this girl. I absolutely adore the fact that we first started roleplaying when you randomly sent in an ask. That was the start of a great relationship - for both our muses and us!! JPP - you are 100%, without a doubt my best friend, my long lost sister on this site. You have helped me so much and I thank you a million times for everything. Here’s to many more roleplays, ships (laughing into the sun), ideas (still cackling), conversations, everything! <3333333333

victoriansweetheartBunbun, my Bunbun! The precious Queen of Buns! I honestly love talking to you. I love all of our conversations and ideas and, even though we don’t roleplay a whole lot (bring all your muses my way! <3) I love seeing you on my dash! I’m always wishing the best for you. You’re an amazing friend! <3

neaxwalkerLukey Luke! <3 I’m not gonna lie - I miss you so fucking much when you aren’t online or on Skype. I wish I could make everything better and wrap you in blankets and watch movies and eat snacks! Seriously though - I love that we just randomly started talking and I truly treasure every conversation we have. <3 Only hoping the best for you~ <33333

     And without further ado - red-as-fire’s follow forever! Everyone on this list are people I wish/love to roleplay with! Let’s allow this post to show everyone exactly who I wish to roleplay/plot with~! <3

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u said ur taking dgm art requests and i wondered if maybe u could draw young kanda giving a sleeping lenalee a piggyback? ;v;

wow cute!!!!

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.:「」 :.—————— :. "You sound so relieved that I am not leaving, tiny tits. I feel so honored, I have to hang around more to fuck with you."

  “I think you’re just delusional now, dimwit." the woman commented, casting a glancethroughh the corner of her eye.


On a scale of 1-10 how scared for your life would you be if my character suddenly snapped?



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//* Do you think this is a game? Getting that thick skin off was a pain in the ass.