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Benedict Cumberbatch’s name

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the tachibuns hun

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a wild jonah appeared

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//* so my mom came home and asked if I ate, and I said I don’t have any appetite - i feel too shitty to for that, gomen - and she smiled in that annoying parent manner and asked ‘whaaat? Are you in love?’

//* I’m sorry for no roleplay activity, you guys, but I’m not feeling too well today. I’ll try to do something tomorrow


when someone ships my OTP with the same burning passion that i do


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yata-miisaki said —
❝ *bops Lena's nose* ❞

  Cute Lenalee noises.


did you know that teachers are instructed to get in between two boys in an altercation and break their eye contact because boys will disengage once the immediate situation is interrupted but they’re instructed to like never ever get in between two girls in a fight because girls wont stop after they lose sight and will actively try to go through whatever’s in between them and teachers are supposed to wait for security to break the shit apart

teenage girls will fuck your shit up 

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— never forget that you’re easily replaceable. // vent sketch. ]]