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Okay so, I decide to check out what two-spirited means because as a term it sounds like it suits me. And the first thing I read is that it is a term that belongs to North American native tribes.

I was a Native American in a previous life and now it just fitted perfectly.

no.  fucking white people, you were not “native in a previous life’ and you can not be two spirit.  go find your own cultures terms and leave ours alone.  fuck off.

Oh, greetings, douchebag! Thank you so much for pointing out my being ‘racist’! But let me just point out these three things that I know you won’t even care to check out, being so fucking blind to anything but your own bias and racism.

  1. I am half-Arab-half-Turkish, and I have never been in America. The first time in my life I have ever left my country happens to be Tuesday last week, so I’m currently in Norway in a trip where all my expenses are covered by someone else because I’m not actually rich enough to have a vacation to, anywhere, actually.
  2. What I believe is my business. MY BELIEF IS MY BUSINESS. You want me to repeat? MY BELIEF. MY BUSINESS. I believe that spirits go around when bodies die, so I believe that in one previous life I was a Japanese, in another I was a fish and in another I was a Native American. MY BELIEF IS MY BUSINESS AND THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE. I’m not going to ask for your permission on what I get to think, or what I get to believe or what I get to express.
  3. Please let me show you this, it’s what I wrote like five minutes later than the original post.


So, yeah, idiot, I am nothing of what you assume of me to be.

You won’t read any of this as you think everywhere is America and in every part of the world Native American people will be looked down to and will be killed. I just want to remind you though, once again, that MY BELIEF IS MY BUSINESS AND I’M NOT GONNA ASK YOU IF I CAN USE A TERM OR NOT IF THAT SUITS MY BELIEFS. I will, coincidentally, not use the term two-spirited because I am respectful to other cultures enough to actually make research about them.

And yes, I am purposely making this into a new post so people can fucking see that some normal people can be nice and some POC can be real douchebags.

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Allen Walker for starpendle !! Happy Birthday !! ♥

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